Land-Based Careers

Hartmann Crew Philippines offers land-based opportunities for those seeking a career in the shipping and crewing industry.

Current vacancies are posted on this page. If you’d like to apply, please refer to the openings below.

Don’t see an opening for you? You can still send a general application to or text us 09177066502 or 09178712515.

Job Vacancies

Date Posted Position No. of Available Positions Requirements Responsibilities Remarks
Jul-08-2024 Accounting Head 1
• Graduate of BS Accountancy – CPA License is a requirement.

• At least two (2) years experience in the field of Accounting with supervisory skills

• Financial Budgeting
• Leadership Skills
• Good Communication Skills
• Customer Focus
• Provide management with accounting and financial reporting services;
• Develop and maintain effective financial systems and processes;
• Provide control and assurance on data integrity;
• Provide assurance to management that all transactions which are probable and quantifiable in monetary terms are recorded in accordance with accounting standards; and
• Provide management with reports of sources and uses of funds as well as idle funds available for investment.
• Updates management on current financial and economic data such as interest rates, foreign exchange rates, inflation, etc. relevant for the financial planning of the company.
• Recommend improvements and investments within the respective department in an effort to improve services.
• Uphold the corporate culture and core values and serve as its role models.
• Support all efforts in the implementation of the company's Quality Management System and Performance Management System.
Jul-08-2024 HR Specialist 1
•Graduate of Psychology or any business-related course
•At least one (1) year experience in the field of Human Resources. (Experience in Payroll Processing is a PLUS!)
•Effective Communication Skills
•Time Management Skills: ability to multitask
•Must have knowledge in Philippine Labor Laws
•Must have a sense of urgency and the attention to details
•Must have self confidence
•Must be assertive and proactive
•Uphold the corporate culture and core values and serve as its role model.
•Support all efforts in the implementation of HCP's Quality Management System

Recruitment and Placement
•Assist in the sourcing, selection, and staffing process.
•Assist in HR process for resigning, retiring, terminated, or separated employees.
- Clearance
- Quit Claim
•Conducts orientation to newly hired employees (e.g. Company Overview, Rules and regulations, etc.)

Training and Development
•Assist in communicating guidelines and policy to ensure compliance to Performance Management System.
•Coordinates and prepares employee training and other educational programs. Responsibilities may include the following: organizing and scheduling course registrations, training facilities and equipment.
•Assist with the identification of training needs, development and delivery of appropriate programs.

Employee Benefits
• Facilitates process and documentation necessary for the employees to avail benefits from SSS, Pag-ibig, Phil Health, HMO, and other company benefits following the existing regulations/implementing guidelines issued by the company and said agencies
Jul-08-2024 On-the-Job-Trainee 5
EDUCATION: Open to all Courses (specifically Accountancy, HR, Business Ad, Marketing)
• Must be available at least 25 hours per week;
Office Operation is from 9:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday.
• Effective Communication Skills
• Time Management Skills: ability to multitask
• Must have a sense of urgency and the attention to details
• Must have self confidence
• Must be assertive and proactive
• The intern is enrolled in a degree program at the time of the internship.
• Eager to learn and work with various departments in the company.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
• Proactive, results oriented and with sense of urgency.
• Upholds professionalism and integrity.
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office.
• Upholds the corporate culture and core values and serve as its role model
• Supports all efforts in the implementation of the company’s Quality Management System.
With weekly allowance
Jul-08-2024 CCFC Specialist - Customer Relations 1
• A graduate of any Communication Studies or Social Sciences program.
• At least one (1) year experience in corporate communications, PR, customer service or equivalent.
• Must be adept in Microsoft Office Suite – Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
• Must possess a high level of creativity, energy and commitment with a passion for results.
• Must have “people skill” and must be a “listener”.
• Must be a quick learner and can do multi-tasking.
• Must have effective verbal and written communication skills.
• Must be an excellent team player.
• Must be proactive, resourceful and creative.
• Must have excellent public relations skills.
• Must have a sense of urgency and an attention to details.
• Responsible for directing concerns and inquiries to specified person and/or department.
• Monitor and secure inbound and outbound packages for crew and their families.
• Responsible for the reservation of hotel bookings and catering services and coordination with account managers of hotels and accredited suppliers.
• Assist departments in their request for services such as inter-department meetings, advertisement placement, logistics and events.
• Assist departments in gathering crucial information about crew, competitors, and industry news.
• Attend to the concern of crew and their families regarding welfare and benefits.
• Ensure that all relevant information is clearly and effectively conveyed to all intended parties- shore and sea- based employees and their families.
• Assist in conducting Pre- Departure Orientation Seminar and Familiarization for sea-based employees.
• Conceptualize, plan, create logistics and implement all CSR activities for shore and sea- based employees and their families.
• Conceptualize, plan, organize and create logistics for corporate events such as Christmas parties, celebration of milestones, etc.
• Act as designated company spokesperson in the absence of the Corporate Communication Lead Specialist and
• Develop innovative and creative promotional materials.
• Ensure that the company’s mission, vision, core values, strategies and company culture are properly manifested in all company activities whether inside or outside the organization.
• Promote corporate social responsibility in and outside the organization.
• Uphold the corporate culture and core values and serve as its role model.
• Support all efforts in the implementation of the company’s Quality Management System.
• Performs other related duties as assigned by the Communications and PR Manager, Chief Financial Officer and/or President.

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