Land-Based Careers

Hartmann Crew Philippines offers land-based opportunities for those seeking a career in the shipping and crewing industry.

Current vacancies are posted on this page. If you’d like to apply, please refer to the openings below.

Don’t see an opening for you? You can still send a general application to or text us 09175898742.

Job Vacancies

Date Posted Position No. of Available Positions Requirements Responsibilities Remarks
• Graduate of any four (4) year course or equivalent working experience.
• At least one (1) year relevant experience
• Interviewing and Selection Skills
• Effective communication skills
• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationship
• Demonstrates a positive and productive attitude
• Displays self-control and keeps emotions under control, even under pressure
• Displays willingness to make decisions.
• Exhibits confidence in self and others.
• Assists in the recruitment of crew and in monitoring the daily crew requirements of the Crewing Officers
• Updates Seafarer Requirements on On-line.
• Verifies the validity of seafarer’s documents.
• Monitors and safe keeps documents of applicants prior to approval of the Principal.
• Contacts applicant who submitted their resume / curriculum vitae.
• Reviews and evaluates applications based on the Qualification Matrix.
• Maintains of the recruitment database.
• Responsible for background checking of Accepted Applicants.
• Endorses qualified applicants to respective Crewing Officers.
• Prepares and distributes the recruitment materials.
• Assists in benchmarking on other manning agencies regarding salaries, compensation and benefits.
• Administers computer-based assessment for Officers.
• Reviews previous academic and job experiences and related information of applicants.
• Updates and monitors crew data (personal details, sea service and documents) for all previously received and encoded applications to ensure all related information are in the system (CMS).
• Endorses qualified applicants to ISNTC for technical assessment.
• Maintains confidentiality on all information in the system.
• Assists in other duties as needed and directed.
• Upholds the corporate culture and core values and serve as its role model.
• Supports all efforts in the implementation of the company\'s Quality Management System and Performance Management System.
Dec-11-2018 Accounting Specialist - Disbursement 1
• Graduate of BS Accountancy
• At least two (2) years experience in the field of Accounting.
• Good Communication Skills
• Customer Focus
• Computer literate
• Ensure that all pertaining documents required to process payments are complete.
• Prepares check voucher.
• Create, maintain record of suppliers.
• Upholds the corporate culture and core values and serve as its role models.
• Support all efforts in the implementation of the company’s Quality Management System.
Dec-11-2018 Accounting Specialist - Tax Assistant 1
• Graduate of BS Accountancy
• At least two (2) years experience in the field of accounting
• Knowledgeable in Taxation
• Good Communication Skills
• Computer literate

• Ensures all taxation and other government filing deadlines of the business are met
• Researches and corrects process errors that may cause incorrect tax filings
• Researches the basis for tax position to be taken

Sep-06-2018 HR Specialist 1
•Graduate of Psychology or any business-related course
•At least one (1) year experience in the field of Human Resources. (Experience in Payroll Processing is a PLUS!)
•Effective Communication Skills
•Time Management Skills: ability to multitask
•Must have knowledge in Philippine Labor Laws
•Must have a sense of urgency and the attention to details
•Must have self confidence
•Must be assertive and proactive
•Uphold the corporate culture and core values and serve as its role model.
•Support all efforts in the implementation of HCP's Quality Management System

Recruitment and Placement
•Assist in the sourcing, selection, and staffing process.
•Assist in HR process for resigning, retiring, terminated, or separated employees.
- Clearance
- Quit Claim
•Conducts orientation to newly hired employees (e.g. Company Overview, Rules and regulations, etc.)

Training and Development
•Assist in communicating guidelines and policy to ensure compliance to Performance Management System.
•Coordinates and prepares employee training and other educational programs. Responsibilities may include the following: organizing and scheduling course registrations, training facilities and equipment.
•Assist with the identification of training needs, development and delivery of appropriate programs.

Employee Benefits
• Facilitates process and documentation necessary for the employees to avail benefits from SSS, Pag-ibig, Phil Health, HMO, and other company benefits following the existing regulations/implementing guidelines issued by the company and said agencies
Jun-25-2018 OJT - Information Technology 1
• Knowledgeable in Crystal Reporting or other reporting tool
• With experience in Application Development and Development Tools such as MS VS2012 C#,etc
• With experience in Web and Mobile Development using Android , iOS and Windows App
• With experience in Debugging/testing of different programs
• With experience in Database Designing using MS SQL Server and MySQL
• Knowledgeable in Technical Writing Documentation
• Student of BS Computer Science , BS Computer Engineering; BS Information Technology
• Assist in developing minor in-house programs
• Provide technical support and perform preventive maintenanceRequirements (Course / Specialization /Skill/ Etc.)

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