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In celebration of International Maritime Organization - IMO's Day of the Seafarer 2024 "Navigating the Future: Safety First!", we are thrilled to launch MARITIME SAFETY INFLUENCER under our GOAL ZERO Safety Campaign!

This year's theme highlights the crucial role of safety practices at sea. We invite you to join us in promoting a culture of safety.

Share your safety practices by posting a video or pictures of how you maintain safety while at sea. Whether it’s demonstrating safety drills, showcasing equipment checks, or sharing tips on staying safe, your contributions can inspire and educate others.

How to Participate:

1. Create: Capture a video or take pictures that showcase safety practices on board.

2. Share: Post your content on social media with the hashtags

#MaritimeSafetylnfluencers2024. #RoleModelOfSafety #SafetyTipsAtSea

Join us in becoming a Safety Influencer and help us navigate the future with safety at the forefront. Let's make this Day of the Seafarer a testament to our commitment to safety on the high seas!

Be part of the change. Be a Maritime Safety Influencer.

Check the link for more details:

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