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On June 5, 2024, a significant milestone was achieved with Hartmann Crew Philippines hosting the ceremonial signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between IMEC Philippines and Intership Navigation Co. Ltd Group. This momentous event marked the beginning of a strategic partnership aimed at furthering the development and training of young seafarers.


Mr. Dan Tolentino, the Training Manager of IMEC, proudly introduced the IMEC Cadetship Program, which has been successfully nurturing and enhancing the skills of young seafarers for the past 15 years. He expressed his gratitude for the collaboration with Intership, emphasizing how this partnership will help in bringing out the best in these aspiring maritime professionals.


Capt. Rene Dzicki, Intership Group's Head of Training, highlighted the importance of leveraging the strengths provided by the partnership with IMEC. He stated, "It's time to use the strengths of IMEC for the development of all seafarers," underscoring the collective effort and commitment to excellence in maritime training.


This event not only celebrated the signing of the MOU but also underscored the shared vision and dedication of IMEC, Intership, and Hartmann Crew Philippines to foster a brighter future for the global seafaring community.

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