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Hartmann Crew Philippines premieres Pagkabig sa Timon ng Buhay (Alay ng Hartmann sa Pilipinong Manlalayag), an original musical composition dedicated to the Filipino Seafarer


In honor of the Filipino Seafarer, Hartmann Crew Philippines produced the song, Pagkabig sa Timon ng Buhay (Alay ng Hartmann sa Pilipinong Manlalayag) which expresses the life and journey of a seafarer.


It premiered online last January 15, 2016 via a music video that can be viewed on or on YouTube via


 The original musical composition along with the lyrics were created by Mark Villar, a young and up-and-coming composer and third place winner of PhilPop 2015 for his song “Sa Ibang Mundo,” performed by Nadine Lustre and Keane Cipriano.

According to Villar, creating the song meant putting himself in the shoes of  a seafarer. “Imagine the yearning they have just to be with their families, the challenge of facing the uncertainties when you’re at sea. Will I make it home? I also looked at their accomplishments and the drive that kept them going.” The seafaring dream is not foreign to Mark who once dreamt of being a seafarer himself, “I once dreamed of becoming a seafarer but I didnt have the courage and the determination to do it. It takes a lot of spirit to be one. The sacrifices are so huge. Seafarers deserve a song in their honor.”

In addition to understanding the life of a seafarer, Villar sought the stories of his friends and relatives who were seafarers themselves. Crew and staff from Hartmann Crew Philippines also provided insight for the song making process. For example, the simple addition of seafarer-spefic words such as “timon” and “tano” gave the lyrics an even stronger connection to the maritime community.

The accompanying music video made by Project Box and Hartmann Crew Philippines provided the visual component, thus bringing the audience even closer to the meaning of the song.

Furthermore, Pagkabig sa Timon ng Buhay is also meant to be a contribution to Original Philippine Music (OPM) with a goal to be able to give voice to the realities of the Filipino seafarer in a way that is easily accessible to a wider audience.

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